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About Your Session

I always take my time with newborns, being gentle and relaxed.  I will never rush a session and take as much time as we need, allowing your baby to be my guide.  Newborn sessions can typically therefore take 3-4 hours to complete, enabling plenty of time for feeding, changing and cuddles.  I want you to feel completely relaxed and enjoy every moment of your session without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

I will be mainly handling baby during the session and giving you some rest and relaxation.  Though I do however require you to be around for any assistance I may require and the safety of your little one.

I will provide a range of props and blankets, though I am very happy to incorporate your own personal items too.

As you will no doubt have seen in the gallery many poses I do are with baby naked, they are much sweeter without clothes at this age and the focus is kept on them.  Don’t worry about them being warm and comfy as I have heaters and blankets.  Photographing little ones with no nappy though will most likely lead to some natural accidents.  Do not worry about this as I am very used to this and it is worth it to capture your precious newborn!

Detailed information on my sessions, including advice on preparing for the day, the shoot and clothing tips are available to each client upon booking.

Do give me a call with any questions you may have.